Welcome to My New Blog

Basic info, more to be added

I have just started to create this web page, it is primarily a sissy faggot exposure site made up mostly of images of me but there will be some comments and links added as I build it. Please feel free to comment on them including any humiliating remarks you would like to add.

Some very basic info about me, as you might have noticed my real name is Andrew Brown and my female altered ego is Sara Love whom if I am honest is taking over more as time goes by, I will cover that in time. I live in Corby Northamptonshire, UK. and I was born on the 30-June-1964

As you might have realised by now I am a Gay Sissy Pansy Poof Faggot and love sucking on hard cocks before being fucked like a little bitch, I love being breed by real men who leave me full of hot cum dribbling from my loose cunt, as I am a total bottom Faggot who’s only use is for breeding by real men. I have a small limp clitty and I am unable to get an erection anymore as I am now impotent, I am also on a low dosage of hormone tablets and as a result I now have visible breasts which I can no longer hide. Pictures to follow in the near future. I would also like to be castrated.

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